Bear and Deer: A love story

Picture this:

First you see Purple Bear. Sitting contentedly on the prairie. A Mountain is visible in the back. Bear is thinking of nothing. Soaking up everything.

Deer is near by. Gentle. And Strong.

It’s a peaceful sunrise. As it usually is.

Bear is sitting. A mushroom in growing next to Bear.

Life in the Wild is free.

This is a panoramic I made for a Diorama. You can find the Diorama card on the shop by clicking here.

Making new things is what keeps my work fresh and exciting. Looking forward to more experiments in creativity to keep the juices flowing.

Hasta pronto!


Calendar 2018: The Brain of the Earth

Hey guys! I made a Calendar 2018!

This 2018 Calendar is a celebration of The Brain of The Earth (mushrooms!).

Its high resolution images are printed on card stock ivory toned paper.

It measures 8.15″ X 11″ when folded.

This Mushroom calendar highlights a collection of illustrations from January through December of 2018.

It’s is a monthly reminder of the infinite variation of intelligence available on this planet, paired with beauty and truth. It’s also a tribute and a thanksgiving offering. A praise and a prayer.

May “The Brain of The Earth 2018” fill you with awe and wonder this year as you continue your mindful journey through this miracle called life.

Find it on the shop by clicking on this link:

Recap: Summer’s Gone

Hi guys!

Since last time I shared here, lots of change has happened. I built a deck and set up a tipi in the woods; I worked as the art director for a super sweet annual festival (The 17th Annual Subdued Stringband Jamboree); then moved back to town for the Winter (Bellingham, WA), and made a ton of art that I’m ready to start sharing. Also, I’ve been tattooing on the regular and practicing a lot on my hand poke tattooing skills (thank you friends and brave strangers!).

Lots of things shifting in my life, but the one thing that keeps me grounded is the intention to bring more meaning and value to this life and to spread the message of love that wildlife holds so sacredly in word and action.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!



PS: As you may have noticed this blog doesn’t allow comments. But please feel free to contact me if you have something to share or say, or follow me on Instagram and keep the open conversation going.

Giveaway Winner

I ran a giveaway this month! It’s been a little while since the release of “Inside the Blue Whale’s Heart”, and I wanted to keep sharing the inspirational art in it’s pages. The giveaway lasted about 2 weeks, and I’m super thankful for everyone who participated. People entered from Instagram, the newsletter list, and a few people from the Bellingham market. The print I gave away is below, and I REALLY hope that I can run another giveaway soon. I love all those who join in the conversation and see what I create, and this is one way I’d like to thank you!

The winner of this print was sarah_rose_bud on Instagram! Congrats!!!

The Power of Doodling

The way I create my work is through doodling. I can’t imagine creating a piece that I’ve only conceived in my head. Instead, I approach my work in a more intuitive, organic way: I doodle, doodle, doodle, and create collages. Those collages become my art! I thought that by sharing this process with you, you can use my way of working in your own creativity (whatever it may be).

I’m going to use this Elephant piece as an example. Step by step.

  1. Doodling and Drawing: I started by doodling all kinds of animals that I feel compelled to draw. I let my intuition guide me towards whatever I feel is fun, inspiring, or beautiful. I don’t think about it too much, I just draw as much as I can.
  2. After I have a bunch of individual pieces, I choose a few elements to layer together, and just generally play around with them in Photoshop.
  3. Once I have a lovely composition/collage, I clean up each image individually, then bring them back together.

    Nice and clean. 🙂
  4. At this point, I have a black and white composition of the final project. (Want to see another? Yesterday’s Instagram Cheetah post was a B&W unfinished composition.)
  5. It’s beautiful, but it needs color! I duplicate the artwork onto different layers and create a few different color schemes. They’re not all great, and hardly ever “realistic”, but I can always find one that sings to me.
  6. Where does the color come from? A watercolor painting! I create a small watercolor piece for texture, and I use that piece in all the different color options.

And this is how I did it. In just a few steps, a beautiful and majestic elephant has been born onto my canvas, and I can share it with the world! My hope is that by sharing my process, you can approach your own creative work more intuitively and more freely!


“How do I read your book?”

I thought you’d never ask!

As of this blog post (May 2017), Inside the Blue Whale’s Heart, is available as an eBook on Amazon. It’s for sale in all regions and compatible with all devices. You can read on an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC! All you need is the Kindle app, which is available for every platform in the digital realm. Click below on whichever app you need.

download kindle for iphone or ipaddownload kindle for androiddownload kindle for windows and mac

Once you’re in the app, just search for Claudia Bernal, or follow the link in the sidebar of this blog, or one of the many links on social media (or on the handy link below!). If you want to  sneak a peak at the book, you can view a free sample on the Amazon page. Click here! (Inside the Blue Whale’s Heart).

I promise that you and your family will love this beautiful children’s book. Read it to them or along with them. The big blue whale shows her true heart on a journey through a changing world, a world with which she was once familiar..

Sketchbook Lately

Most of these images are inspired by wildlife and nature in Africa. I decided to step out of the wildlife from my closest surroundings, and envision nature in a continent I’ve never been, yet I feel close to me. Elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, wild flowers, and trees have been calling me in my daydreams. Also, some friends have requested seeing more diverse wildlife, so here it is! All images in pen and ink.

Raising a Wild Child: Freedom to Explore

While raising this wild child, I focus on allowing him to explore freely. The only boundary I have is “is it safe?”. And only at times, “is it convenient for the pack?”. And even then, sometimes it’s necessary to allow him to take risks. There’s so much learning that can happen when one feels free to explore.

This wild child enjoys exploring the arts, the natural world around him, his own image, and all things creative. There’s so much value that comes with the confidence to make your own choices. My hope is that. with the appropriate guidance, he’ll become a confidently creative and  wise explorer of the world. He’ll be a free, inspiring being. Free to be as he is, free to explore, free to love himself, to love others. He can do nothing wrong. No shaming, no punishment. Never. Only acceptance, communication and love.

How do you raise your own inner wild child?